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Club leotard

Are you a gymnastics club looking for a new club leotard, then you can come to us. 

Choose a gymnastics suit from 1 of the collections or personalize your gymnastics suit completerly according to your wishes & needs - we will gladly help you.  

When choosing a new leotard, we offer to gymnastics clubs the possibility to obtain fitting measurements in advance. This way, each individual gymnast can try on the leotard in advance, so that the size is right the first time. In addition, we offer the gymnastics associations the hair ribbon for free and the gymnastics association enjoys a club discount on the order. 

Contact us for more information or visit at you place info@best-performance.com.  

Club tracksuit 

We offer to gymnastics clubs training suits from the top brand Adidas. You can use Miteam from Adidas to fully personalize your tracksuit with a choice of 18 colors. 

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Miteam of Adidas

With Miteam from Adidas, it is now possible to personalize your tracksuits: 18 colors are available and you can choose in which color you want your tracksuit to be: not only the basic colors, but you can also adapt the collar, the 3 adidas strips, the adidas logo, etc. to you club color. 

When placing an order from miteam, you are required to order a minimum of 5 pieces per model, regardless of the size per model. For example: childern's sizes - pants (=model): you decide to order 2 sizes 140, 1 size 152 and 2 sizes 164 (or more per size, but minimum 5 pieces). 

Lorsque vous passez une commande chez miteam, vous devez acheter au moins 5 pièces par modèle, quelle que soit leur taille. Par exemple: tailles enfants - pantalons (= modèle): vous décidez de commander 2 tailles 140, 1 taille 152 et 2 tailles 164 (ou plus par taille, mais minimum 5 pièces).

You are not required to order the entire tracksuit, you can choose to personalize only the vests (or pants or...) 

We offer gymnastics associations the possibility to obtain fitting measurements in advance. That way, each individual gymnasts and / or trainer can try on the clothes in advance, so that the size is immediately correct. Finally, the gymnastics association enjoys a club discount on the order of the tracksuits. 

Ask for an offer without engagement. 



Would you like to print you tracksuit or t-shirt with you club logo or sponsor? We can also do this for you. Send us your logo (and desired size), and we will provide you with an offer. 

Bargain basket

Gymnastics clubs have the opportunity to request a bargain bin from us. 

Because it is not possible for everyone to come to one of our stores, or to offer new gymnasts a gymnastics suit at a competitive price, we offer to gymnastics clubs our bargain box. This box contains about 50 leotards without sleeves for 30 euro/piece and/or leotards with sleeves for 50 euro/piece. 

We also have bargains for boys of 20 euro/piece (singlet) and long sleeves 49 euro/piece or 75 euro/piece - you can also ask for these to be added to the bargain bin.

We will deliver the bargain bin to you for free, you may then keep the bin for 10 days to sell the suits and upon return or delivery you will charge for the gymnastics suits sold. On the amount sold, the club receives a 10% commission in the form of a voucher. In other words, the bargain bin offers benefits to both your gymnasts and the club. 

Nous vous livrons gratuitement la boîte aux bonnes affaires. Vous pouvez ensuite la conserver pendant 10 jours pour vendre les colis. Lors du retour ou de la livraison, vous payez pour la gymnastique vendue. Le club reçoit une commission de 10% sur le montant vendu sous forme de voucher. En d'autres termes, la boîte à prix offre des avantages à la fois à vos gymnastes et au club!

This unique offer is only valid for clubs.

Intressted? Please contact us at info@best-performance.com for further arrangements.    op voor verdere afspraken.

If you want to keep the bargain bin longer than 10 days, please send us an email in time to see if this is possible. Depending on the demand, we can leave the bargain bin at the disposal of the gymnastics club for a longer period. 

Private sales and/or presence at a gym event 

If you are a gymnastics club and you would like to have a Best Performance stand with gymnastics suits at your event, please contact us at info@best-performance.com   

If you wish, as a gymnastics association, to organize a private sale where we come to you with a "store", this is aslo possible - contact us at info@best-performance.com to discuss the conditions and agreements.